15-Year-Old-Boy Saved by LifeVac in School – #525

LifeVac is honored to share the story of our 525th life saved.

A 15-year-old boy with special needs choked on a grilled cheese sandwich while in school. The sandwich had thick cheese and partially obstructed his airway. BLS protocol was initiated, and the Heimlich maneuver was performed. The Heimlich was not working, and the LifeVac was attempted. The hazard was dislodged from his airway in 2 tries with LifeVac, and a finger sweep was used to remove the food from his mouth.

“I believe a combination of the Heimlich and the LifeVac saved his life. It goes to school with him every day. It is so easy to use, only 3 steps, and it is very, very effective!”

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