1-Year-Old-Boy Saved by LifeVac – #529

LifeVac is proud to share the details of our 529th life saved.

A 1-year-old boy was saved thanks to LifeVac after choking on an apple. “We have had our LifeVac for a little over a year, and today it was used successfully to remove a piece of apple from a 1-year-old family member at our son’s birthday party.” He was eating then began to choke, turning red and making no sound. Back blows and finger sweeps were attempted by the baby’s father and grandmother without success. That’s when they grabbed the LifeVac.

“I was in the next room when I heard some panicky commotion in the living room. I hollered to them to see if everything was okay and my mom said, “Bring that thing in here!” I immediately knew what she was talking about and grabbed the LifeVac off the top of the refrigerator where we keep it. The baby’s daddy had him in a prone position and was performing back blows as his grandmother was sweeping his mouth. I opened the LifeVac and he raised him up to a standing position. I placed the cup on over his mouth and with one good suction, the apple and lots of mucous came out of his mouth and nose. He coughed a little and was back to normal within a very short time. His panicked dad said, “We need to get one of those!” I was not in the room for the initial part of the emergency, but from the look on every adult’s face, it was a scary situation. It absolutely saved his life.

Thank you for making this product available to every family. I can only imagine how many times the LifeVac has come to the rescue of those in distress.”

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