13-Year-Old-Boy Saved by LifeVac – #523

LifeVac is proud to share the story of our 523rd saved life.

A 13-year-old boy was saved by LifeVac after choking on a piece of a Hamburger. According to his mother, he has multiple medical issues and a small trachea, requiring a lot of supervision and care. Despite the hamburger being cut into small pieces, he began to choke. Back blows and the Heimlich maneuver were attempted but were unsuccessful. His father, whom is CPR trained, then attempted to dislodge the hazard with the LifeVac

“The LifeVac saved his life, no doubt about it. With only two attempts, the hamburger was pulled out and he was able to breathe again. I saw an ad for it on YouTube. It’s one of the only ads that ever caught my eye and I purchased it on the spot. I am so glad we had it.”

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