LifeVac Registers 1420th Life Saved

1-year-old Noah choked on potato chips causing a total obstruction. Choking rescue protocol was followed by attempts failed.  LifeVac was utilized one time and on the first attempt, the food was dislodged.  Here is the father’s testimonial.”    It was like nothing had happened 5 minutes after the incident.  We called 911 and they responded. He was evaluated at the scene. All the police officers on the scene took a photo of the LifeVac and said they were going to buy it and carry it with them in their vehicle. My wife had already cleared him by the time EMS and police arrived. She is a nonactive EMT and had limited success with the baby Heimlich until she used the LifeVac.

“I wasn’t on the scene when this happened, but I had done a training session with all my family including two younger daughters a few months ago.  He had turned blue.   Step 1 of training was to dial 911 give our address then start working on whoever was choking just in case you failed. I am a retired police officer and that was the first step I was advised to do when I was trained in the Heimlich.

This was the first advertisement I actually bought a product from immediately because when I saw it, I knew it was necessary!” KD

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