Halloween choking hazards

Halloween Choking Hazards: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Families and children eagerly anticipate the spookiest night of the year – Halloween. It’s a time for costumes, jack-o’-lanterns, and, of course, delicious treats. 

However, in the midst of the festivities, there are potential Halloween choking hazards that every parent and caregiver should be aware of. 

This blog post will shed light on some of the common Halloween choking hazards and provide essential prevention measures to keep the night spooky, but safe!

Most Common Halloween Choking Hazards

Hard Candies:

Those tempting candies might be delicious, but they pose a significant choking risk, especially for younger children. An example of these are Gobstoppers, also known as Jawbreakers. 

Instead, you could offer your kids softer candies, that are easier to chew. Of course, remind your kids to chew them thoroughly before swallowing.

Gooey and Sticky Treats: 

Taffy, caramels, and other sticky sweets can adhere to a child’s airway, making them a hidden danger.

Colourful candies on a white table


While nutritious, nuts are one of the most common choking hazards, especially for younger children.

Small Toys and Trinkets: 

Halloween often includes miniature toys or trinkets in treat bags. These little objects can be enticing but can also pose a risk, especially for young kids who are eager to taste everything and put things in their mouths.

Prevention Measures

Candy Inspection: 

Before your little ones dive into their loot, inspect their candy haul. Discard any items that are not suitable for their age, particularly those hard candies or small, chewy treats.

Cut It Up: 

If your child insists on eating a candy that could be a choking hazard, consider cutting it into smaller, more manageable pieces.


Always supervise young children during their Halloween adventures. Keeping a watchful eye can help prevent potential mishaps.

Toy Caution: 

Remind your children that small toys and trinkets can be enticing but should be kept out of their mouths.

Halloween is all about thrills, but safety should never be a trick. By being mindful of potential halloween choking hazards and taking precautionary steps, you can ensure that Halloween remains a fun and memorable holiday.

Toys that are considered Halloween choking hazards in a basket

How to Always be Prepared

Remember that, in your quest to keep the night spooky and safe, LifeVac can be your trusted ally, offering peace of mind during the festivities.

LifeVac is an FDA and MHRA registered anti-choking device designed to swiftly remove airway obstructions in choking emergencies. 

Having this device on hand during Halloween and year-round can provide an added layer of safety for your family. It’s reassuring to know that, in case of an emergency, you have a tool that can save your loved one’s life.

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