LifeVac Registers 1377th Life Saved

“My mom has ALS, so she chokes easily. So far, she’s only ever choked on spit or air, and she has been able to get over it after a few minutes. Last night, she was eating dinner and almost finished. She took a bite of meatloaf and I assume she breathed in while chewing and sucked it down her throat. I didn’t get too concerned because she seemed to still be breathing through the choking. She was scared and I could see it in her eyes. I asked her if she was okay, and she shook her head yes at first but then after a few seconds, she started pounding her hand on the table as if to ask for help. I reminded her to breathe through her nose, but she was panicking. I pulled out the LifeVac and my dad administered it to her. We were unable to pat her back or do the Heimlich because she is unable to stand or lean forward. The LifeVac worked so quickly and it immediately made her more at ease. It pulled out the piece of meatloaf (and a little snot too 😂). She continued to cough as best she could and after about 20 minutes was completely over it. The only thing we noticed is that it did bruise around her mouth some from the suction, but I told her she just looked like she got some lip filler. Lol

Attached a picture of my mom with myself and my daughter from this past Saturday at the Walk to Defeat ALS.  Thank you SO MUCH! This product is a literal lifesaver. I hope we never have to use it again!”

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