16-Month-Old-Boy Saved Thanks to LifeVac – #519

LifeVac is proud to share details of our 519th life saved.

A 16-month-old-boy choked on cooked carrots and was saved with LifeVac. The boy’s mother saw him put the full carrot in his mouth, and immediately noticed he was not breathing properly. She called for her husband upstairs who was a fire department lieutenant and has experience with choking incidents. He swiftly began administering back blows. When he noticed this wasn’t helping, he yelled for his wife to get the LifeVac.

The boy’s mother stated,

“This device saved my son’s life. After 3 tries, the food was dislodged. We bought the LifeVac because I was terrified of something like this happening. Now, I will carry this everywhere.”

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